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  • "Highstein has the uncanny ability to tap the listener’s soul
    with his melodies, meticulous arrangements and flawless performance."

    — Valley Morning Star, Harlingen, Texas.
  • Soprano Saxophone Website
    “Exquisite melodies truly set Max Highstein’s music apart.
    Fresh, seemingly effortless yet rich, born of joy.
    And the performances are world class.”

    ~ Dave Kinnoin: Disney, DreamWorks Songwriter
  • “Your music is beautiful.
    I enjoy listening to it very much…
    Warm regards.”
    — Author, Carolyn Myss
  • "Delicious, relaxing, well performed, recorded
    and arranged, Highstein’s intelligent writing
    suggests chamber orchestra level instrumentation."

    — Western Great Lakes Entertainment Guide.


Soprano Saxophone Music

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Max's Soprano Saxophone Blog

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