• "Highstein has the uncanny ability to tap the listener’s soul
    with his melodies, meticulous arrangements and flawless performance."

    — Valley Morning Star, Harlingen, Texas.
  • “Your music is beautiful.
    I enjoy listening to it very much…
    Warm regards.”
    — Author, Carolyn Myss
  • "Delicious, relaxing, well performed, recorded
    and arranged, Highstein’s intelligent writing
    suggests chamber orchestra level instrumentation."

    — Western Great Lakes Entertainment Guide.


New Music By Max Highstein

Max Highstein’s Music:


Max Highstein’s “New Age” music often defies expectations of the genre, with well defined melodies, careful orchestrations, and virtuosic performances. Players include Highstein on keyboards, and celebrated musicians on winds, strings, and percussion.


Highstein was an early experimenter with sound healing. His 1984 recording, 12 Cosmic Healers, corresponded musical key signatures with specific parts of the body.


Max Highstein’s music helped launch the NAC (New Adult Contemporary/New Age Contemporary) radio format of the late 80’s and early 90’s: Virtually every cut from his albums Touch The Sky and Stars were in heavy rotation on the syndicated “The Wave” radio stations. Learn more about the artist…


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