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Max Highstein was raised in Baltimore, and received a BA in Music from Goddard College in Vermont, where he studied jazz and classical piano. He later received an MA in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica in Los Angeles. He was in the first graduating class of USM, and wrote the school song—sung at graduation ever since. He received another MA in Counseling Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles.

While finishing his counseling degrees, Highstein began writing and producing therapeutic guided imagery and music recordings. He penned the scripts for these, and hired actors to voice the scripts. Then he composed and scored music backgrounds to accompany the narration, recording the music on piano and synthesizers.

The first of these programs took the listener on a guided tour of the 12 signs of the zodiac, and corresponded the 12 musical key signatures with parts of the body. It was one of the earliest commercial recordings to use music as a healing modality.

His second guided imagery recording, The Healing Waterfall, became a best seller in distribution through more than 1500 stores nationwide. Today it remains one of the most popular guided imagery programs ever recorded. He has since written and recorded over 100 more guided imagery programs on a wide range of topics covering personal growth, relaxation, and healing.

After composing the music for The Healing Waterfall, Max Highstein turned his attention to placing his music front and center. He composed instrumental music featuring his keyboard playing along with woodwinds, strings, and percussion; and combined aspects of jazz, classical, and popular song. He brought in a number of top Los Angeles session players to play parts he had written for them.

The result was two CDs — Touch The Sky, and Stars — that included some of the most heavily played music on the New Adult Contemporary Radio format of the time. Both CDs still receive frequent airplay internationally. The song Full Circle from Touch the Sky became a theme song for the popular spiritual teacher Esther Hicks/Abraham. Although these and subsequent Highstein albums fall in the New Age category, the music is carefully structured and features well defined themes and arrangements, traits not so common to that genre.

Max Highstein has continued to compose popular CDs including music specifically written for meditation, massage and healing. Titles include Path of The Heart, Intuition, Sacred Journeys and others. In 2009 Max Highstein recorded the vocal album, Flight Plans, which won two 2010 New Mexico Music Awards.

His latest music album, Flying Not Falling was released in summer of 2017 and has received numerous accolades.

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